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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschoolgirlschool‧girl /ˈskuːlɡɜːl $ -ɡɜːrl/ noun [countable] especially British English  SESa girl attending schoolsee thesaurus at student
Examples from the Corpus
schoolgirlTaken in by the local orphanage, he runs into the predictable: tough older boys, giggling schoolgirls, angry parents.Could these factors contribute to a dramatic drop in the self-esteem of schoolgirls?For Don Dovaston, assistant chief constable of Derbyshire police, a series of schoolgirl murders made that mark run deeper.It belonged to a 14-year-old schoolgirl with the looks of an angel.The barley's schoolgirl heads are bowed and waiting.Sometimes I saw schoolgirls come to the hospital to get abortions.The schoolgirl had planned to become a dancer.