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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschoolroomschool‧room /ˈskuːlruːm, -rʊm/ noun [countable]  SESTBa room used for teaching in a small school syn classroom
Examples from the Corpus
schoolroomOn the back wall of the produce shed hangs a schoolroom map of the continental United States.This makes paying attention to a task in a busy schoolroom very difficult.In these ways, despite differences, schoolroom and home are continuously related to one another as social places.Back in her schoolroom, her anger about his exposing children to the sight of whiskey was softened by feelings of sadness.She learned quickly and eagerly and soon acquired sufficient know-how to join Anne Mowbray in the small schoolroom.It will also enable the schoolroom to be retained as a building of cultural and architectural heritage.Once the first week was over the two small girls joined others in the schoolroom.By the time I was out of the schoolroom, I had lost my need for a parent.