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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsemesterse‧mes‧ter /səˈmestə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 SESSECone of the two periods of time that a year at high schools and universities is divided into, especially in the US 🔊 the fall semester term1(5), quarter1(8)
Examples from the Corpus
semesterThe report recommended that each midshipman and cadet spend a semester at another service academy.What a semester it was going to be!Students take a sequence of two or three specialized courses together each semester.By the time the fall semester began, Helen had found a new, larger place, in Washington Heights.Scotch and Bubba excelled in their fall semester.Fall semester starts the 28th of August.Both were involved in high-profile incidents last semester that heightened racial tensions on campus.Changes in the academic year are also envisaged, with extra students being accommodated in a series of semesters.He attended Bennington College for three semesters.Two classes of students at George Washington University over two semesters worked with the database and augmented the semantic net on-line.