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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsyllabussyl‧la‧bus /ˈsɪləbəs/ noun [countable]  SESSECa plan that states exactly what students at a school or college should learn in a particular subjectcurriculumon a syllabus Two Shakespeare plays are on this year’s English syllabus.
Examples from the Corpus
syllabusSome teachers might even choose to teach the entire history syllabus by working backwards from the present.This is particularly true of the mathematics syllabus.As we have seen previously, the art department at Redbrook Secondary School followed a fairly prescribed syllabus.We read the flight-school syllabus of maneuvers.Assessment schemes vary in the extent to which they rely on a structured syllabus and defined test modes.You do not always have to have a specific link to other items on the syllabus.We have to study algebra -- it's on the syllabus for the course.The summer term was very short and the teacher didn't manage to cover the whole syllabus.It provides valuable further practice, and a carefully-structured writing syllabus.the first-year syllabusYour syllabus may include slots for the development of certain skills such as listening to lectures or writing reports.