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chiselchisel2 verb (chiselled, chiselling British English, chiseled, chiseling American English) [transitive]  AVSto use a chisel to cut wood or stone into a particular shapechisel something into/from/in etc something Martin chiselled a hole in the door for the new lock.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
chiselHe stopped chiselling and looked down at her.The best way to find out how they were attached is to chisel away a little plaster next to the rail.And every waking hour she chipped at the ugly block, sanded, scored, chiselled, gouged gaping eye sockets.Some of the boats chiselled into the rocks are fairly simple.Woodpeckers, accustomed to chiselling their food out of timber, have little difficulty in cutting out nest chambers in tree trunks.