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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatuettestat‧u‧ette /ˌstætʃuˈet/ noun [countable]  AVSa very small statue that can be put on a table or shelf
Examples from the Corpus
statuetteAnd he had never taken home a statuette on Oscar night.I was out on the gallery just before I went to bed, looking at all the tapestries and statuettes.Silver cups, bronze statuettes, rose bowls, shields and medallions filled every conceivable space.This is manifested in big tripod-cauldrons and in statuettes, sometimes adornments of cauldrons, sometimes independent.It is not unlikely that many others may have either originated as pagan statuettes or have been inspired by them.The Black prince was the only smoothly tapered statuette, easily grasped, eleven inches from helmet to plinth.The statuettes presented to prizewinners, however, will continue to be called Bammies, Erokan said.She is beaming at her just-won statuette.