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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsamplersam‧pler /ˈsɑːmplə $ ˈsæmplər/ noun [countable]  1 a machine that can record sounds or music so that you can change them and use them for a new piece of music2 DLHa piece of cloth with different stitches on it, made to show how good someone is at sewing
Examples from the Corpus
samplerA&M have left them to it, stumping up the money for recording and a sampler along the way.A sampler commemorating the birth of a new baby also makes a marvellous present for the proud parents, or even grandparents.Stephens collected samplers done by young ladies from prominent Eastern families who attended female academies.The chef made up a dessert sampler platter for us.At the show, a souvenir booklet was given away, as well as free sampler 455 featuring album cuts.The samplers have become prized not only for their visual delicacy but also as important sources of genealogy and demographics.You can elaborate on this sampler idea by putting the words inside another design.