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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchevronchev‧ron /ˈʃevrən/ noun [countable]  1 CFa pattern in a V shape2 PMAa piece of cloth in the shape of a V which soldiers have on their sleeve to show their rank
Examples from the Corpus
chevronOriginally described: 1775 Colour: The body is predominantly yellow and white with black markings reminiscent of an off-centre chevron.Down one arm ran gold chevrons, denoting her length of service with the Regiment.His sleeves were rolled almost to the shoulder and the right one bore the three gold chevrons denoting his rank.Between them the sea came in from two directions, sending a constantly renewed chevron of breakers toward the beach.Some carried standards, chevrons, gules and badges.They did not respond if the perceived direction of movement of the chevron was in the preferred direction.The chevron is of silver lace with edging of dark blue facing colour.The arches are decorated with chevron ornament.