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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrescentcres‧cent /ˈkresənt, ˈkrez-/ noun [countable]  1 CFa curved shape that is wider in the middle and pointed at the ends a small crescent of pastry topped with cheese a crescent moon2 RRIthe curved shape that is used as a sign of the Muslim religion3 TTRNAME OF A THINGa street with a curved shape – often used in the names of streets
Examples from the Corpus
crescentEstate land swings round in a crescent to the east, up to the A19.Turn left into Badgerly Crescent.Instead, everywhere the eye could see, were tiny glimmering half-moon crescents.A slender new crescent moon lay on its back high in the clear night sky.Guy Sterne's magnificent villa stood alone, on its own private crescent of beach.The moon was a slender crescent, and a few tattered clouds shuffled across the perfect dome of blue-black sky.Then he smiled a sunny smile which turned his mouth and eyes to crescents.He blew through his lips, his eyes were narrowed to crescents.Saw the white crescent, tipped earthward.crescent moonThe sun has dipped beneath the horizon, leaving behind a pink glow joined by a crescent moon.The flare of its passage is as bright as-10. 5 magnitude, comparable to a crescent Moon.A high wind frayed the sails of clouds until a crescent moon limned each shred with white gold.A crescent moon showed occasionally which helped.About frangipani blooms and crescent moons.A slender new crescent moon lay on its back high in the clear night sky.Now I am passing an area where the crescent moon flag flies over shops, bakeries and mosques.A thin crescent moon will appear to the left of Venus the evening of July 6.