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curlcurl2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]DC a piece of hair that hangs in a curved shape a little boy with beautiful blonde curls2 [singular, uncountable] the ability of your hair to form curls Use a diffuser to maximise the volume and curl of your hair. hair that has a natural curl3 [countable]CF something in the shape of a curve Decorate the cake with chocolate curls.curl of A curl of smoke rose from her cigarette.4 [countable] an exercise in which you repeatedly bend your arms, legs, or stomach in order to make your muscles strong5 curl of somebody’s lip/mouthCOLLOCATIONSadjectivessoft/loose curls (=gentle curves)long brown hair in soft curlstight curls (=curves that are very close together)Her dark hair was arranged in tight curls.natural curlsYou're lucky if you have natural curls.a stray/wayward curl (=hanging in an untidy way)Emily pushed back a stray curl.golden/dark/black etc curlsa little boy with a tangle of blond curlsverbscurls fall/tumble (=hang down)The child's golden curls fell around her shoulders.phrasesa mass/mop of curls (=a lot of curls)a gorgeous Italian man with a mass of dark curlsa tangle of curls (=curls that are not neatly combed)a boy with a tangle of brown curls
Examples from the Corpus
curlSleep had flattened one side of her Afro and a curl had broken free above her forehead.A curl of smoke rose from her cigarette.Chocolate curls make an elegant decoration for cakes and desserts.Afterwards she combed out long gray curls which turned into ringlets in the sun.My hair is flat, it has lost its curl.Apply Sorbie Curl Forme on to hair to revitalise curls and add body and shine.These keep the curls tight and the cuticle sealed.Do two sets each of bicep and tricep curls.He had startlingly blue eyes and dark tumbling curls over his forehead; a narrow face; a skinny body.