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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcylindricalcy‧lin‧dri‧cal /səˈlɪndrɪkəl/ adjective  CFin the shape of a cylinder a cylindrical oil tank
Examples from the Corpus
cylindricalNow imagine the jar no longer cylindrical but conical, like an ice-cream cone, the wider end at the surface.The joints that hold the gold plated, cylindrical copper mirror are standard components.The cylindrical glass jars are used for keeping spaghetti in.He secured a single-burner gasoline stove and wrapped a cylindrical iron shell lined with fire-clay around it.a cylindrical marble columnIt was a cylindrical object, covered with fabric that had been roughly wound about it.Beyond was a completely cylindrical room, its beamed ceiling some nine feet high.The leading set can be rounded into a near cylindrical section while the rear set retains hard edges.Roll the bread dough into a cylindrical shape.Figure 3.1 shows one two-dimensional surface, a spherical surface; and Fig. 3.2 shows another, a cylindrical surface.It meant three or four degrees of taper on most surfaces, cylindrical surfaces slightly conical.