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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiagonaldi‧ag‧o‧nal /daɪˈæɡənəl/ ●○○ adjective  1 HMHMa diagonal line is straight and joins two opposite corners of a flat shape, usually a squarehorizontal, vertical2 CFfollowing a sloping angle diagonal parking spacesdiagonal noun [countable]diagonally adverb The path goes diagonally across the field.
Examples from the Corpus
diagonalHorizontal or diagonal branches produce more flowering shoots, and therefore more fruit, than vertical ones.He drew a diagonal line across the pageFor a diagonal matrix D having all its diagonal elements different, it follows that C must then also be diagonal.This equation has a different, but still diagonal, metric tensor.Patterns include lots of stripes, many of them worked in diagonal or chevron patterns.On the white-painted wall of the lobby were several outsize representations of lighted cigarettes with a diagonal red line drawn through them.New dimensions Adding diagonal ribbons creates a new dimension.Forward seat belts each comprised a two-piece lap strap, fastened by a buckle, and an inertial reel diagonal shoulder strap.Six to eight diagonal transverse bands lie on the upper half of the body.