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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_073_adouble helixˌdouble ˈhelix noun [countable] technical  ldoce_073.png CFHBMa shape consisting of two parallel spirals that twist around the same centre, found especially in the structure of DNA
Examples from the Corpus
double helixEach then acts as a template to which other simpler molecules become attached until each has once more become a double helix.The entwined serpents forming a double helix gave birth to the Caduceus.Cobras are constantly depicted entwined in a double helix.If the ends of such non-dividing clone are held while it grows, then unexpectedly a double helix appears.Thus each double helix becomes two double helices, with the two new doublets remaining joined at the centromere.In the formation of the double helix, a total of 12 rotors are restricted per base pair stack.These conformations influence the position of the phosphate group with respect to the grooves of the double helix.