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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglobularglob‧u‧lar /ˈɡlɒbjələ $ ˈɡlɑːbjələr/ adjective  CFROUNDin the shape of a globule or a globe
Examples from the Corpus
globularHedgehog cacti are variable in form, but many are barrel shaped or globular.Clusters, both open and globular, abound.Serpens contains a prominent globular cluster, M5, which is not far below naked-eye visibility.Floating forms are very varied in shape; under optimal conditions a conspicuously grassy green globular form develops.You can conceive of globular protein molecules folding from chains of left- and right-handed amino acids but not helical protein molecules.Species forming a short globular rhizome are pulled up and left floating in a well lighted tank.They can also be distinguished by their almost globular shape and the long protruding remnant of the style sticking out on top.