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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhookedhooked /hʊkt/ adjective  1 CFBENDcurved outwards or shaped like a hook a hooked nose2 [not before noun] informalADDICTED if you are hooked on a drug, you feel a strong need for it and you cannot stop taking it syn addictedhooked on I know a girl who got hooked on cocaine.3 [not before noun] informalOBSESSION if you are hooked on something, you enjoy it very much and you want to do it as often as possiblehooked on I got hooked on TV when I was sick.4 CFhaving one or more hooks
Examples from the Corpus
hookedDon't let your children start smoking -- it's so easy for them to get hooked.Some parents who are concerned about computer games believe their children are hooked.Ask a grown-up to attach a hooked chain to the centre top bar.The butler inserted a hooked finger into his collar, grimaced and huffed.One school of thought within psychology is that we tend to get hooked into behaviour patterns if they produce intermittent rewards.She's been hooked on heroin since she was 15.hooked onJada was hooked on crack for three years in the early '90s.Tim got hooked on the show after watching the first episode.got hookedNationally, more than 80 percent of current adult smokers got hooked by the age of 18.Thinking of Bonanza got me on trying to figure his reaction if Vecchi got hooked for the Mahoney killing.Meeting It, Sue Small, Blackheath retired mod, got hooked on it.I got hooked on student politics as there were many problems in the tech.How you got hooked up with her.