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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrectanglerec‧tan‧gle /ˈrektæŋɡəl/ ●●● noun [countable]  CFa shape that has four straight sides, two of which are usually longer than the other two, and four 90° angles at the cornerssquare
Examples from the Corpus
rectangleA rectangle is subdivided into one large and two small squares such that the overlap is constant width.The elements are all rectangles, and some dimensions are given.The effect is as if a central strip were cut out and the remaining top and bottom rectangles rejoined.The cedar lining that once protected fine cigars from deteriorating is equally efficacious at preserving cardboard rectangles from insect damage.The plate itself is a small rectangle of metallic material.There was a small rectangle of land beside the jetty, surrounded on three sides by steep clay walls.Press 1 to cut the rectangle.Nature is the length of the rectangle, nurture the width.