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roundround3 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 seriesCONNECTED WITH a round of events is a series of related events, which are part of a longer processround of a third round of peace talks the Government’s latest round of expenditure cuts2 competitionDS one of the parts of a competition that you have to finish or win before you can go on to the next partheat, stagethe first/final/next/qualifying etc round I got beaten in the first round. Two of their candidates made it through to the next round.round of the final round of the championship3 round of something4 rounds5 round of applause6 golfDSG a complete game of golf I played a round of golf on Sunday morning.7 boxing/wrestlingDSO one of the periods of fighting in a boxing or wrestling match8 drinksDLBUY if you buy a round of drinks in a bar, you buy drinks for all the people in your groupit’s my/your etc round (=used to say whose turn it is to buy drinks for all the people in your group) What are you having? It’s my round. 9 do the rounds10 do the rounds of something11 gun shotPMWSHOOT a single shot from a gun, or a bullet for one shot I’ve only got ten rounds of ammunition left. Richards fired a few rounds.12 circleCFCIRCLE something that has a circular shape Slice the potatoes into rounds.13 food/newspapers/letters etcBBTVISIT British English a regular visit to a number of houses, offices etc to deliver or sell thingspaper/milk round (=a job in which you deliver newspapers, milk etc to people’s houses) I used to do a paper round.14 songAPM a song for three or four singers, in which each one sings the same tune, starting at a different time15 round of sandwiches16 round of toast17 in the roundCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa round of talks/negotiations/meetingsA second round of talks got under way this week.a round of votingIn the first round of voting he took 44.5 percent of the vote, a round of cuts (=when a government or a company reduces the size or amount of something)The president is likely to approve a new round of cuts in military forces.a round of layoffs (=when people are told to leave their jobs)The latest round of layoffs could bring its labor force down to 60,000.a round of violenceWhat has prompted the latest round of violence?
Examples from the Corpus
roundMore than 30 rounds were fired at the guards.To serve, place sauteed bread rounds on warm plates and arrange birds on top.The first four rounds are designed to produce 32 prize-winning county champions, who will then go forward to the national rounds.But it isn't; it's the good rounds that bring you back.Cut the carrots into half-inch rounds.The heroes of the last round were perhaps Paul Clarkson and John Simpkins, the goalkeeper.I'll buy the next round of beers.The second round of voting is scheduled for May 5.Hamed won the fight in the seventh round.Purdue lost to Kansas State in the third round.Cunningly simple: two contestants, three rounds and a panel of three celebrity judges.Last week in New York, he stopped respectable light heavyweight Merqui Sosa in only two rounds.round ofA final round of talks is scheduled in Tokyo next year.the first/final/next/qualifying etc roundThe barely acknowledged hope caused her heart to beat faster as she reached for the first round iron latch.Now we can look forward to a really big crowd at Goodison for Chelsea in the next round.Voters in these constituencies would choose between whichever two candidates had won the largest numbers of votes in the first round.In the first round of the Rochester Open in 1941, Hogan burned up the course, shooting a record 64.In the first round, I hit him with by best shot right on the chin and! ital!In the first round, I went to the center of the ring.In the first round, Palmer scored a 12 there, hitting out of bounds four times.Tiger Woods had started the final round nine behind the leaders.played a round of golfI played a round of golf in a group which included Prost and Mansell.I did a few odds and ends in the garden on Saturday, played a round of golf on Sunday morning.it’s my/your etc roundOr is it because it's my round?fired ... roundsBoth the driver and the passenger were armed and fired several rounds before being shot dead by security men.Each Vickers K fired a thousand rounds a minute.do ... roundAnd don't turn round when you talk to me.And take my tip, don't come round again.And do what? Round up the rats?He even does rounds at the local hospital, ensuring that the terminally ill remain plugged in.Without references, letters may do the rounds of various desks before the correct destination is found.On Saturday morning, Peter went off to do his rounds of parish patients at Woodborough Hospital.The first offered to do the rounds for five dollars.Which way do they go round more quickly?