4 verb
1 [transitive] to go round something such as a bend or the corner of a building:
As they rounded the bend and came in sight of the river, Philip took her hand.
The tide was coming in as he rounded the rocks.
2CF [transitive] to make something into a round shape:
The stones were then rounded, polished and engraved.
3 [intransitive] written if your eyes round, you open them wide because you are shocked, frightened etc:
Barbara's eyes rounded in surprise.

round something ↔ down

phrasal verb
HMN to reduce an exact figure to the nearest whole number [↪ round up]:
For the 1841 census it was decided to round down ages over fifteen to the nearest five.

round something ↔ off

phrasal verb
1 to do something as a way of ending an event, performance etc in a suitable or satisfactory way [= finish]
round something ↔ off with
You can round off the evening with a visit to the nightclub.
She rounded off the meal with some cheese.
It was the perfect way to round off the season.
2 to take the sharp or rough edges off something:
Round off the corners with a pair of scissors.
3HMN to change an exact figure to the nearest whole number
round something ↔ off to
Prices are rounded off to the nearest dollar.

round on somebody

phrasal verb
to suddenly turn and attack someone when they do not expect it, either with words or physically:
When the door closed, Crabb rounded on Edwards. 'You stupid idiot!'

round something ↔ out

phrasal verb
to make an experience more thorough or complete:
African percussion and Native American flute round out the show.

round somebody/something ↔ up

phrasal verb
1SCJ if police or soldiers round up a particular group of people, they find them and force them to go to prison:
Thousands of men were rounded up and jailed.
2 to find and gather together a group of people, animals, or things:
See if you can round up a few friends to help you!
His dog Nell started to round up the sheep.
3HMN to increase an exact figure to the next highest whole number [↪ round down]


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