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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalmshousealms‧house /ˈɑːmzhaʊs/ (plural -houses /-haʊzɪz/) noun [countable]  SSPEWin Britain in the past, a house where a poor person was allowed to live without paying rent
Examples from the Corpus
almshouseFor more than 300 years, since 1602, the building was used as an almshouse, but its beginnings were less humble.It was a little like those dinky almshouse squares you sometimes see from a bus and wish you could live in.It was appropriate that he should end his days in the masculine fastness of an Elizabethan almshouse in London.In 1838 Smith was rejected for a place in the Trinity House almshouse, being under age.A row of pollard willows sometimes resembles a procession of almshouse men.Next to the Chapel is the former infirmary - later the almshouse.They suggested she go to the almshouse.