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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarercar‧er /ˈkeərə $ ˈkerər/ ●●○ noun [countable] British English  SSMNsomeone who looks after an old or ill person at home syn caretaker American English
Examples from the Corpus
carerWhen a child or young person is received into care a placement with a carer or carers has to be made.Hospital staff can provide additional home support for carers.Her carer is her daughter whose flat is in the same block.In a companion study, 94 per cent of carers of patients with dementia considered the practice to be justified.In the home she may ask the carer to perform the tasks of the assistant therapist.This may sometimes be the result of lack of information and reluctance on the part of the carers to take measures to correct this.Support from statutory services Professional services available to the carer come from various sources and vary a great deal from area to area.We have a high number of volunteer carers at the day centre.In addition, unmarried women carers are more likely than either married women or men to be carrying particularly heavy caring responsibilities.