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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhippiehip‧pie, hippy /ˈhɪpi/ noun [countable]  SSMDDsomeone, especially in the 1960s, who opposed violence peacefully and often wore unusual clothes, had long hair, and took drugs for pleasure
Examples from the Corpus
hippieIt says the Oxfam concert was even listed in a hippie newsletter of forthcoming events which was circulated at Castlemorton.She straddled the two subcultures of beat and hippie.Alice was, to his way of thinking, a fat, discarded hippie, dragged down by two monstrous happy-face earrings.Tudor was, however, no hippie.The fruit tree man is an old hippie.Boy, just let one hippie show up in Samoa. just let one show up.Like a sixties' hippie, Preston thought irreverently, half way to getting stoned.Caught up in these movements was the hippie culture of the period, with its involvement with hallucinogenic drugs.