Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: Latin mobilis, from movere 'to move'


1 adjective
1 not fixed in one position, and easy to move and use in different places:
mobile air-conditioners
2SS moving or able to move from one job, area, or social class to another:
a more mobile workforce
People these days are much more socially mobile.
an upwardly mobile (=moving to a higher social scale) professional
3 able to move or travel easily [≠ immobile]:
She's more mobile now that she has her own car.

mobile library/shop/clinic etc

British EnglishTTC a shop etc that is kept in a vehicle and driven from place to place:
Two mobile units provide healthcare in rural villages.

mobile mouth/face/features

written features that can change their expression quickly:
His mobile features registered amusement.

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