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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorderor‧der1 /ˈɔːdə $ ˈɔːrdər/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 for a purpose a) in order to do something for the purpose of doing something Samuel trained every day in order to improve his performance. In order to understand how the human body works, you need to have some knowledge of chemistry. b) in order for/that formal so that something can happen or so that someone can do something Sunlight is needed in order for the process of photosynthesis to take place in plants.2 arrangement [countable, uncountable]ORDER/SEQUENCE the way that things or events are arranged in relation to each other, so that one thing is first, another thing is second etc syn sequencein the right/correct order Make sure that you put the books back in the right order.out of order/in the wrong order The files are all out of order.in order (=one after another, according to a plan) Then they call out our names in order and we answer yes or no.in alphabetical order Their names are arranged in alphabetical order.in order of importance/difficulty etc The cities are listed in order of importance. Students learn the verbs in order of difficulty.in ascending/descending order (=starting with the lowest or highest number) The prices are given in ascending order.in reverse order She read out the names in reverse order. There seemed to be no logical order to the sections.3 instruction [countable usually plural]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something an instruction to do something that is given by someone in authorityorder to do something The captain had to give the order to abandon ship.under orders (from somebody) (to do something) She is under orders to have a complete rest.on somebody’s orders He was thrown into the river on the emperor’s orders.by order of somebody The company cannot be identified by order of the court.4 controlled situation [uncountable]OBEY a situation in which rules are obeyed and authority is respected the breakdown of law and order The riots are a threat to public order.keep order/keep somebody in order (=stop people from behaving badly) The physics teacher couldn’t keep order in any class. She had trouble keeping her teenage sons in order. The army was called in to restore order.5 well-organized state [uncountable]ORGANIZE a situation in which everything is controlled, well organized, and correctly arranged Let’s have some order in here. You need to put your financial affairs in order. She keeps her room in good order. 6 for food or drinkBBTASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something [countable] a) a request for food or drink in a restaurant or bar The waiter took our orders.last orders British English (=the last time you can order a drink before a bar closes) Last orders now please! b) the food or drink you have asked for in a restaurant or bar When our order finally arrived we were very hungry indeed. side order7 for goods [countable]DFBBT a) a request by a customer for a company to supply goods Goods will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can always cancel your order if you change your mind. The government has placed an order for (=asked a company to supply) new weapons. Please complete the enclosed order form.on order (=asked for, but not yet received) My bicycle is on order.make/supply something to order (=produce something especially for a particular customer) They make hand-made shoes to order. b) goods that you have ordered from a company Your order has arrived – you can collect it from the store any time. mail order8 be out of order9 be in order10 be in (good) working/running order11 social/economic situation [singular]PSS the political, social, or economic situation at a particular timesocial/political order He called the rioters a threat to the social order. The people of South Africa wanted a new order. He dared to challenge the established (=traditional) order.12 be the order of the day13 the order of things14 of a high order/of the highest order15 withdraw/retreat in good order16 in the order of something/of the order of something17 religious group [countable]RR a society of monks or nuns (=people who live a holy life according to religious rules) the Benedictine Orderorder of the order of Jesuits18 take (holy) orders19 secret society [countable]SSO an organization or a society whose members meet for secret ceremonies20 official honour [countable]PGO a group of people who have received a special official reward from a king, president etc for their services or achievements the Order of the Garter21 money [countable]BFBMONEY an official piece of paper that can be exchanged for money money order, postal order22 the lower orders23 animals/plants [countable] technicalHBAHBP a group of animals or plants that are considered together because they evolved from the same plant or animal class1(5), species24 TDcomputer [countable] American English a list of jobs that a computer has to do in a particular order syn queue British English25 Order! Order! pecking order, point of order, standing order, → call somebody/something to order at call1(16), → set/put your own house in order at house1(7), → be given/get your marching orders at march1(5), → in short order at short1(22), → under starter’s orders at starter, → tall order at tallCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the way that things or events are arranged in relation to each other, so that one thing is first, another thing is second etcadjectivesthe right/correct orderOf course, the notes must be played in the right order.the wrong orderThe pages had been put in the wrong order.the same orderHe always closed the windows in the same order.reverse orderThey announced the results in reverse order, starting with the last.alphabetical orderList the names in alphabetical order.numerical orderThe dogs are given numbers, and stand in numerical order while the judge looks at them.chronological order (=the order that things happened in time)The paintings are arranged in chronological order.ascending/descending order (=with the lowest or highest number first)The films are ranked in ascending order of profitability.a logical orderPut the events of the story into a logical order.phrasesput/arrange something in orderDecide what points you want to talk about, and put them in order.in order of importance/priority/preference etcThe country’s main exports were, in order of importance, coffee, sugar, and soya beans. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: an instruction to do something that is given by someone in authorityverbsgive/issue an orderDo not fire until I give the order.obey an orderHe refused to obey this order.follow orders/carry out orders (=obey them)The men argued that they had only been following orders.take orders from somebody (=be given orders by them and obey them)I don’t take orders from you!disobey/ignore an orderAnyone who disobeys these orders will be severely punished.have orders to do somethingThe soldiers had orders to shoot anyone on the streets after 10 o'clock.receive an orderThe general says he received no order to withdraw.make an order (=used of a court)The court made an adoption order.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + ordera direct order (=a clear order)What happens to a soldier who disobeys a direct order?strict ordersThey had strict orders not to allow anyone through.a court order (=when a judge in a court says you must do something)Now they’re faced with a court order that could force them to leave.an executive order (=an order from a president)President Grant issued an executive order establishing a reservation for the Nez Perce Indians.doctor’s orders (=when the doctor says you must do something)She was to rest as much as possible on doctor’s orders.
Examples from the Corpus
orderThe games were displayed on a long wall, in alphabetical order, from Acrobats to Wheel of Fortune.In knowing that something is an order one knows all there is to know about its relation to its execution.The court has issued an order blocking the sale of this drug.I want the report ready by noon - and that's an order.The Fraternal Order of PoliceHe said Eurydice stayed in her room most of the time, but now she gave orders and she had stopped crying.He developed a filing system to try to impose order on the mass of information.List three choices in order of preference.My orders are to take you to the airport and put you on the first plane to Paris.the National Order of Loyal KnightsCan we have a bit or order here? Someone straighten those desks out to start with!Check that all the names are in the right order.The commander's orders must be obeyed at all times.On Stalin's orders, the target for the 5 year plan was raised once again.I find it quite improbable that such order came out of chaos.I'm not taking orders from you!General Bradley gave the order to advance.I'm the one who gives the orders around here -- just remember that.Movie scenes are not shot in the order in which they are shown.Richmondshire District Council agreed to make the order announcing the pay and display scheme which will start on June 1.The offer's open only while stocks last so hurry to post off the order form.Anyone who disobeys this order will be punished.Put it into a large mixing bowl and add, in this order, the milk, the honey, the melted butter, and the salt.The human beings who survive the Flood come from the old corrupt, violent order.The government also is tinkering with how it tallies Hispanic citizens and in what order questions are put to respondents.It doesn't matter which order you answer the questions in.I'm very sorry, but we seem to have lost your order.restore orderIsagoras the Archon cried that this was revolution; and he appealed to his friend Kleomenes to come back and restore order.With the ceasefire in operation, government troops attempted to restore order in Kabul by disarming mujaheddin fighters roaming the city.They had to call in the National Guard to restore order.An emergency management team flew in from company headquarters to restore order.These are relatively inexpensive and can help to restore order to superficial chaos.Employers brought maximum pressure to bear on workers in order to restore order: recalcitrant strikers faced lock-outs.The only hope lay in trying to restore order.He had a hammer and banged it against the walls to restore order but nobody took any notice of him.in good orderCheck that your writing materials, etc., are in good order.The hope was to get the economy in good order in time for national elections in October 1998.They check that the employees in that department know who is in charge and have kept it in good order.The mill pond is still maintained in good order although it is smaller, formerly extending right up to the back wall.We therefore laid our plans and moved out in good order over a long period of time.Unfortunately, on our first evening, things weren't in good order.Everything was in good order, a Rolls-Royce dromedary.last ordersThe customers had been mainly blokes, but just before last orders two young women had turned up.Holy orders makes a change from last orders.At sunset the last orders had been issued, every commander knew his duty, and unusual quiet prevailed in the fleet.make/supply something to orderGot supplies I got to order.A greater problem arises at the stage where you have made the article to order and it's not quite right.established ... orderOnce the component parts have been established, their order in terms of time-scale can be decided.This was a special classification, established in order to fit the Volunteers into the university framework.Afterwards, the surviving knights established the Order of the Blazing Sun with Myrmidia as its patron and protector.Historical incidents were no more than superficial disturbances of the established order or recurring events of unchanging significance.Most of those words are cynical, humorous and often subversive to the established order.Every once in a great while, the established order is overthrown.In this conception of the social and political world, the established order is not permanently fixed.The character who can maintain such an idea is a formidable opponent to established order.order ofShe returned with my order of friesthe Order of St. Agnes