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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishredneckred‧neck /ˈrednek/ noun [countable] American English informal  PPGSSa person who lives in a country area of the US, is uneducated, and has strong unreasonable opinions – used to show disapproval a redneck bar
Examples from the Corpus
redneckA redneck to his roots, Johnson none the less embraced equality between colors and classes as his ticket to historical heaven.They liked the rugged frontier side of it and redneck anti-intellectualism.But it was her vocal anti-meat stance that turned the country establishment's down-home snub into redneck outrage.Dear old redneck Atlanta is a thing of the past, no need to feel foreign here.Sly had made a big hit with the rednecks of Bullens Creek on his first visit.Behind, two redneck rock'n'roll haters with attached security tags sit broadly on the hotel hospitality sofas.