Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: socialis, from socius 'someone you spend time with'


1 adjective
so‧cial1 S2 W1


SS relating to human society and its organization, or the quality of people's lives:
social issues, such as unemployment and education
the country's serious social problems
a challenge to the social order (=how a particular society is organized)


SS relating to your position in society, according to your job, family, wealth etc:
The students come from a variety of social classes (=groups of people that have the same social position).
the social status of her family

meeting people

SS relating to meeting people, forming relationships with them, and spending time with them:
social interaction
a club with lots of social events
Exercise classes are a good way to keep fit and improve your social life.
Group play helps children develop social skills (=ability to deal with people easily).
He lacked social graces (=good and polite behaviour towards other people).
4 someone who is social enjoys meeting and talking to other people [= sociable]


HBA forming groups or living together in their natural state [≠ solitary]:
Elephants are social animals.
socially adverb:
socially acceptable behaviour
socially disadvantaged families
antisocial, sociable, unsocial

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