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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstratifiedstrat‧i‧fied /ˈstrætɪfaɪd/ adjective  1 SShaving different social classes a stratified society2 HEGhaving several layers of earth, rock etc stratified rock
Examples from the Corpus
stratifiedThey are thus particularly appropriate for studies of convection and stratified flow.As an example of such effects we consider stratified flows, which have received particular attention because of their meteorological applications.To avoid this possibility, we can opt for a stratified sample.Quota sampling is like stratified sampling, but with an important variation.Although this applies to stratified societies as a class the relative values attached to particular substances varied in space and time.The emergence of stratified societies culminating in states increased conspicuous consumption of precious substances.In a clearly stratified society, the interests of this audience were predominantly defined by class.Evidence from tombs suggests a stratified society with three social classes.a highly stratified society