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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuburbanitesub‧ur‧ban‧ite /səˈbɜːbənaɪt $ -ˈbɜːr-/ noun [countable]  SSAREAsomeone who lives in a suburb – often used to show disapproval Patsy’s father is a typical suburbanite.
Examples from the Corpus
suburbaniteThe real conflict between Detroiters and suburbanites is in their different approaches to handling corruption.A lawn-mowing, mall-shopping, jeep-commuting suburbanite, he lives quietly in Acton with his wife and two sons and shuns publicity.But by now, they were no longer suburbanites.For most of the new suburbanites the railways and the railway station became an integral part of their lives.As a result, the urban masses turned to the Labour Party and the suburbanites in self-defence to the Tories.This year, the suburbanites may be swinging back to the Democratic column.White suburbanites bemoan the loss of their cities to crime, drugs and-by extension-black neighbourhoods.