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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtownspeopletowns‧peo‧ple /ˈtaʊnzpiːpəl/ (also townsfolk /-fəʊk $ -foʊk/) noun [plural]  SSGROUP OF PEOPLEall the people who live in a particular town the proud townspeople of Semer Water
Examples from the Corpus
townspeopleFor decades, townspeople thought his childhood home was a three-story rowhouse near the market square, now a porcelain shop.They were mostly from Hargeisa, townspeople with a reasonable standard of living.On the afternoon of November 21st the townspeople flocked to the hill site of Tiutiunnyk's battle.Word had been sent that he had landed, and the townspeople joined in a great welcome to him.His solution worked, and the townspeople rewarded him with gold.The townspeople had learned the hard way that curiosity killed the cat - you stayed indoors if there was trouble.He established contacts with townspeople and religious leaders that would be invaluable to him in his later research.