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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtramptramp1 /træmp/ noun [countable]  1 SSHOMEsomeone who has no home or job and moves from place to place, often asking for food or money2 WALKa long or difficult walk a long tramp through the snow3 especially American English old-fashioned SY a woman who has too many sexual partners – used to show disapproval4 the tramp of feet/boots
Examples from the Corpus
trampNow, their own story-teller had shown that they were no mere bunch of tramps.Zali sloped along like an old tramp.I kept falling asleep at the wrong time like an old tramp.An old tramp was sleeping under Waterloo Bridge, his coat wrapped tight to keep out the cold.The old tramp has served his purpose, but beyond this point it would not be wise to go.But what he wasn't capable of was killing that tramp.This tramp had money, real money and good furniture to show for her labours.