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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunattachedun‧at‧tached /ˌʌnəˈtætʃt◂/ AWL adjective  1 SSMARRYnot married or involved in a romantic relationship syn single According to Jo, Mark was still unattached.2 ATTACHnot connected or fastened to anything
Examples from the Corpus
unattachedChildhood memory is however typically family-centred, touching only haphazardly on the unattached.The rule of the transformation is to attach to the key that which was unattached and viceversa.However, don't move the design around too enthusiastically in case you dislodge any unattached flowers completely.an unattached garageFor unattached men, it's probably more of an issue more of the time.Younger, unattached people were at a premium in Southland.Many unattached skis went sliding off down the hill at incredible speed.Are there any unattached straight men in this city?They have made proposals for a station which are unattached to any proposals for a means of getting there.