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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfurrowfur‧row1 /ˈfʌrəʊ $ ˈfɜːroʊ/ noun [countable]  1 LINEa deep line or fold in the skin of someone’s face, especially on the foreheadwrinkle A deep furrow appeared between his brows.2 TASa wide deep line made in the surface of something, especially the ground the regular furrows of a plowed field The river cuts a long straight furrow between the hills.
Examples from the Corpus
furrowProperties within this unit are long and rectangular and there are traces of ridge and furrow in them.The aim is to create something like this ... and that means the judges methodically comparing furrows.The boat's propellers slashed dark furrows in the water.The spouts are placed so as to ensure no seed drops down the deep furrows immediately behind the subsoiler legs.The forehead is usually divided by a central ridge or furrow as in much of the Negroid work.But when he looked at me, that furrow of care between his eyes turned into a question mark.All around the furrows in the fields were filled with snow.The traffic that had caused the furrows a mile back could not have come this way.