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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmulchmulch1 /mʌltʃ/ noun [countable usually singular, uncountable]  TASDLGa substance such as decaying leaves that you put on the soil to improve its quality, to protect the roots of plants, or to stop weeds growing
Examples from the Corpus
mulchPerhaps the countryside has much to offer that is not just wellies, point-to-points and mulch.The clippings were piled on the soil as mulch and wetted.By channeling water on to the desert, CO2 shrank; by channeling the water on to the dried mulch, CO2 expanded.Saprophytic fungi like coral spot on mulch are an indication of insufficient hoeing.Seed, mixed in water with an organic mulch, is sprayed from a slow-moving vehicle directly on to the sand.He inspected the mulch Russell was putting on the rhododendrons underneath the windows.It fell without sound into the mulch Lois kept around her azaleas.After watering, cover the area with a thick mulch of composted bark or moist peat.