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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaliena‧li‧en1 /ˈeɪliən/ ●●○ adjective  1 DIFFERENTvery different from what you are used to, especially in a way that is difficult to understand or accept syn strange the alien environment of the citybe alien to somebody a way of life that is totally alien to us2 FOREIGNbelonging to another country or race syn foreign alien cultures an alien multiracial society3 [only before noun]TTS relating to creatures from another world alien beings from another planet
Examples from the Corpus
alienBy this time, I should not feel alien.It is the people of this world who are alien.To the rest of Britain, such behavior is not only alien, but alienating.An alien object was threatening the organism.Entire groups were driven from their homes to alien regions.an alien spaceshipA parliament possessing real power is alien to the country's every tradition.His decision to send her away from her home and brother into an alien world was interpreted as rejection.be alien to somebodyIf she was stuck with wanting a man whose background and conditioning were alien to her, then that was her problem.He also recognises that in a free society values may develop which are alien to its very existence.Of course this kind of thoughtful extension is alien to most Highland hotel owners.Nothing we learn about them is alien to ourselves.A parliament possessing real power is alien to the country's every tradition.They impose liturgical traditions, organisational structures, communication methods and leadership models which are alien to their environment.It is alien to what the prevailing populace believes, or what it thinks it should believe.alien beingsIn short, he concluded without reservation that the canals were artificial constructs of technologically advanced alien beings.There was no alien spacecraft, and there were no alien beings and no secret autopsies in the desert in 1947.That was exactly how I felt, as if I had been brought up by alien beings, inhuman things.The daleks in question are not enraged alien beings with full metal jackets.