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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontrolcon‧trol1 /kənˈtrəʊl $ -ˈtroʊl/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 make somebody/something do what you want [uncountable]CONTROL the ability or power to make someone or something do what you want or make something happen in the way you want The disease robs you of muscle control.control of/over Babies are born with very little control over their movements. Artists like to have some control over where their works are hung in a gallery. She’s a good teacher who has control of her class. Students are encouraged to take control of their own learning, rather than just depending on the teacher. Excessive drinking can make you lose control of your own life. ‘Do you need any help?’ ‘No. It’s under control, thanks.’ Dogs are allowed on the trails if they are kept under control. The car spun out of control and hit a tree. Flight delays do occur, for reasons that are outside our control.2 power [uncountable]CONTROL the power to make the decisions about how a country, place, company etc is organized or what it does The press was freed from political control.control of Jordan asked for editorial control of the project.in control (of something) Anti-government forces are still in control of the area. By the end of the year, the rebels had control over the northern territories. The Johnson family has effective control of the company, owning almost 60% of the shares. China gained control of the island in 1683. His son is being trained to take control of the family business. The Democrats lost control of Congress in the last election.under the control of somebody The college was under the control of a group of trustees. The whole of this area came under Soviet control after World War II. The Conservatives are hoping to regain control of the city council.3 LIMITway of limiting something [countable, uncountable] an action, method, or law that limits the amount or growth of something, especially something that is dangerous pest controlcontrol of the control of inflationcontrol on The authorities imposed strict controls on the movement of cattle. an agreement on arms control (=control of the amount of weapons a country has)under control Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9:44 p.m. Shea used diet and exercise to bring her weight under control. The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates to keep inflation under control.rent/price/wage etc controls Rent controls ensured that no one paid too much for housing.tight/rigid controls (=strict controls) the introduction of tighter controls on immigration Police used fire hoses and dogs for crowd control.4 ability to stay calm [uncountable]CONTROL the ability to remain calm even when you feel very angry, upset, or excited There were sudden tears in his eyes and he paused, fighting for control. Davidson lost control of himself and started yelling. Small children can’t be expected to have the same self-control (=ability to control their emotions and behaviour) as an adult.under control Her voice is under control, but she is almost shaking with anger.in control I felt calm and in control.5 machine/vehicle [countable]TCONTROL the thing that you press or turn to make a machine, vehicle, television etc work the TV remote control the volume control on the radio a car with manual controlsat the controls (=controlling a vehicle or aircraft) Belton, at the controls, made a perfect landing. 6 people who organize an activity [singular, uncountable]TTATTS the people who direct an activity or who check that something is done correctly, the place where this is done, or the process of doing it air-traffic control Please stop at passport control. computers used for stock control7 scientific test [countable] a) HCOMPAREa person, group etc against which you compare another person or group that is very similar, in order to see if a particular quality is caused by something or happens by chancecontrol group/population/sample etc A control group of non-smoking women was compared to four groups of women smokers. b) HJUDGEa thing that you already know the result for that is used in a scientific test, in order to show that your method is working correctly controlled experiment8 computer [singular] (also control key)TD a particular button on a computer that allows you to do certain operations Press control and F2 to exit. birth control, quality control, remote control
Examples from the Corpus
controlFew people have better ball control than Jordan.Others suggested that because of its rigid op-position to birth control, the Church had forfeited its credibility in the reproductive debate.Birth Control Pills and Headache Headaches may rarely occur as a side effect of birth control pills.The building will include an auction hall, valeting and inspection areas, a wash bay and entry control.The major area of cooperation is infrastructure, mainly pollution and flood control.Simmons stopped his battle for control of Lockheed.Croatian rebels battled for control of Vukovar.Reynolds struggled for control as he told how much Dinah meant to him.Who has control of the budget?She hits the ball harder than Sabatini, but lacks her control.Helen, ruffled but in control, hurried into the car.The disease robs you of muscle control.They seem to have no control over their children.Heads of department can make some decisions, but the chairman has overall control within the company.price controlsThe truth is, they are as much outside the control of our destiny as we are.the TV controlThe researchers showed cancer develops when the function of oncogenes is disturbed and cells grow without control, the Karolinska Institute said.outside our controlThe coming together of sperm and egg represents a moment of surrender to forces outside our control.The slightest change in the barometer, although it might be due to factors quite outside our control, would correspondingly depress them.regain control ofAfter a terrifying two minutes the crew overpowered Mukonyi, handcuffed him, and regained control of the jet.Though he lost his job, he regained control of his life.He plans to someday regain control of Lewis Oil.The coroner Nicholas Gardner said the Metro driver's attempts to regain control of her car may have made matters worse.I found it difficult to regain control of the beast.All of which sounds a bit fishy -- selling off a chunk of the government to regain control of it?Its purpose is to allow the patient an opportunity to regain control of intense emotions.In vain she struggled to regain control of herself, but it was too late.Captain Fisher parachuted to safety after being unable to regain control of the plane.If Republicans lose 21 seats, the Democrats will regain control of the House.crowd controlThe cop who'd collected her had been a crowd control unit, the full cyborg.Lancashire introduced extra crowd control measures for the Test and the one-day international.Nearly 400 road marshals will be involved in crowd control.He saw the storm-troopers practising karate, crowd control, baton practice and their skills with the knife and knuckleduster.Second, it gets a head start on the crowd control that the rest of the service will require.We've hired an extra 200 security people to assist with crowd control.in controlMoore managed to be in control throughout the birth of her child.Weber's one of those guys who always seems to be in control.A basket by Basey put Logan High in control.at the controlsThe scenario is world war two and you are at the controls of the fictional whirly-bird.Mrs. Eve Bainbridge at the controls, 1985.Icarus shown at Farnborough with a dummy at the controls - story above.Later during the first journey, comedian Jimmy Edwards tried his hand at the controls. 3.The train, with no one at the controls derailed at 50 miles per hour.Tabitha got to her feet and pushed Marco aside to peer at the controls.If a pilot has to come back into the passenger cabin that means one less person at the controls.Larry Scerri at the controls of the Doane engine test rig, from an R-1830 running.I had a canteen cup of coffee with me while Riker took his turn at the controls.control group/population/sample etcThe basic experimental form has an experimental group and a control group.There is an experimental group and a control group with a before and after set of observations. 2.A group of young people without Saturday jobs, will act as a control group.The first was the discovery that parasites can control populations and cause them to go in cycles.Secondly, such studies rarely used any matched control groups.Studies rarely include a psychiatric control group.By comparison, only 23 percent of the infants in the control group lived in homes that had suffered recent water damage.This is where the importance of the control group emerged.