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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlauncherlaunch‧er /ˈlɔːntʃə $ ˈlɒːntʃər/ noun [countable]  TTSan object that is used to send a weapon or spacecraft into the sky a rocket launcher
Examples from the Corpus
launcherSpecifically, the treaty limited each side to 2,400 launchers of all types.Our Falconet target aircraft uses a centrifugal launcher as its principal method of getting airborne.Centrifugal launchers did at least recognise a genuine need, even if they were not themselves the solution.They had the minigun, the grenade launchers, and the rockets, and they would usually fire all three.When his car was past the missile launchers, past the guards, he demanded speed.Over 7,000 assault rifles, 500 rocket launchers and several tonnes of explosives have been recovered.Joe came off the bed like a Saturn launcher.His momentum carried him as far as the launcher and with out-thrust foot he sent it keeling over on to its side.