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probeprobe2 noun [countable]  1 MHa long thin metal instrument that doctors and scientists use to examine parts of the body2 TTSa space probe3 TCNSLan investigation in which many questions are asked to discover the truth about something a police corruption probe
Examples from the Corpus
probeAmmiano called for a probe into reports of voter fraud.I could have put my picks and probes to bed in the compartment I thus opened, but I decided not to.Karen responded to my gentle probes.The current data are insufficient to establish the suitability of the heater probe compared with other types of endoscopic treatment.Lane 1 is the A+G sequence of the hybridization probe.He subsequently alleged that the lab had produced sloppy, misleading or fabricated evidence in a number of major probes.The idea was to manoeuvre the two modules together so that the probe entered the drogue.The money went for staffers who were out of work when the probe ended.The probe was applied from the front in 32 and laterally in 17 cases.