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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspace shuttleˈspace ˌshuttle noun [countable]  space_shuttle.jpg TTSa vehicle that is designed to go into space and return to Earth several times
Examples from the Corpus
space shuttleI realised what it was: a space shuttle entering the atmosphere on its final run-in to earth.A glorious bright turquoise liquid jersey pantsuit is the ultimate garb for travel by space shuttle.Mark told of an acquaintance who was honored to greet the returning space shuttle astronauts.The system devised for the space shuttle is much more sophisticated and can be used by both male and female astronauts.Further missions to Skylab were planned for the space shuttle which was starting its development at the time.Astronauts re-launch stranded satellite Astronauts on the space shuttle have sent a stranded satellite back into orbit.The space shuttle uses specially designed ceramic tiles with very high thermal resistances to prevent conduction during re-entry.