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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspacesuitspace‧suit /ˈspeɪs-suːt, -sjuːt $ -suːt/ noun [countable]  TTSa special protective suit that people wear in space, that covers the whole body and provides a supply of air
Examples from the Corpus
spacesuitThe tiny cubicle was just large enough to hold one man and a spacesuit.I put on a spacesuit, went outside and moved to the big round door.Then, towed behind her at the end of the safety line, ap-peared a spacesuit.Astronauts say hand work is very tiring in spacesuits.Eee-Eee told the squirrel to get out of my spacesuit.Not to mention the peculiarity of their lack of spacesuits when crossing from a passenger pod to a ship's airlock.The robot put Buff to sleep, then put the spacesuit on him and carried him to the spaceship.He could survive here, if he wished, for about an hour even without the spacesuit.