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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspacewalkspace‧walk /ˈspeɪswɔːk $ -wɒːk/ noun [countable]  TTSthe act of moving around outside a spacecraft while in space, or the time spent outside it
Examples from the Corpus
spacewalkThe last time astronauts did a spacewalk from an aerial outpost was in 1974, when Skylab was operating.The time is rapidly approaching when somebody has to do a spacewalk around this station.The new schedule calls for five spacewalks rather than the three originally planned for a mission lasting 11 days rather than eight.During shuttle spacewalks, pilots can maneuver their spacecraft quickly to chase an astronaut whose security line has snapped.A vibration that Ace had hardly been aware of ceased: the spacewalk jets closing down automatically.During the spacewalk, the hatches between Atlantis and Mir were closed for the first time since the docking.Ace switched on the spacewalk jets and launched herself through the widening yawn of the doors.The spacewalk was the last of the major goals for the Atlantis crew during its docked operations.