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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacrobaticac‧ro‧bat‧ic /ˌækrəˈbætɪk◂/ adjective  DSacrobatic movements involve moving your body in a very skilful way, for example by jumping through the air or balancing on a rope They performed some amazing acrobatic feats.acrobatically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
acrobaticHis save from McLoughlin four minutes from the break was as acrobatic as it was unbelievable.an acrobatic catchDineh used various tricks and acrobatic feats to escape them, but eventually exhaustion set in.They have ample offensive talent and one of the most acrobatic goalies in the world in Joseph.The momentum derives not from a lulling flow or titillating suspense but from astoundingly acrobatic leaps from perch to perch.And it was not only because it was the third time I had heard precisely how that acrobatic quartet achieved congress.The swords may have been ceremonial, or they may have been used in an acrobatic ritual sword dance.Hasek played brilliantly in a losing cause, making a number of acrobatic stops among his 29 saves.Scott Brosius has played an acrobatic third base and hit for average and power.