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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacrobaticsac‧ro‧bat‧ics /ˌækrəˈbætɪks/ noun [plural]  DSskilful movements of your body, for example jumping through the air or balancing on a rope
Examples from the Corpus
acrobaticsThey are flamboyant and skilled riders, capable of performing staggering feats of archery and acrobatics on horseback.It can get so cold that their breath does acrobatics in the air just to keep warm.He simply floats into confounding feats of acrobatics and then comes to still, collected repose.Only acrobatics from teenage keeper Declan Devine prevented Smith from completing a hat-trick before the break.With the reel screaming in protest and the fish performing acrobatics all round the pool I prayed the hook would hold.The booze was performing acrobatics on his nerves.There were nine children, or so she'd managed to count during all the acrobatics.And yet the driver isn't aware of these acrobatics from behind the wheel.