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aimaim2 ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]PURPOSE to try or intend to achieve somethingaim to do something We aim to finish by Friday.be aimed at doing something an initiative aimed at reducing road accidentsaim for something We’re aiming for a big improvement.2 aim something at somebody3 [intransitive, transitive]DSSHOOT to choose the place, person etc that you want to hit or reach and point a weapon or another object towards them Denver aimed his gun but did not shoot.aim at/for The pilot was aiming for the runway but came down in a nearby field.GRAMMAR: Patterns with aimYou aim to do something: I aim to study medicine. Don’t say: I aim at studying medicine.An action is aimed at doing something: Our policies are aimed at encouraging economic growth. Don’t say: Our policies are aimed to encourage economic growth.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
aimBusinessure is aimed at businesses with a turnover of up to £1m and generally involving premiums of up to £5,000 perannum.The best advertorial in the world will be of no value at all if it is aimed at the wrong audience.The rocket-launchers are aimed at Washington.They need a person who sets standards of competence and integrity to be aimed at.Which part of the target were you aiming at?You can tell he was a professional killer -- they always aim for the chest.The man aimed his gun but did not shoot.He had to aim his headlights at the street signs to find the right one.Reformed systems of direct support, aimed in particular at helping family farms and crofts.The firing squad were already aiming their rifles and waiting for the order to shoot.He picked up his shotgun, aimed, then fired.The Financial Statement was a voluntary arrangement, which aimed to avoid court action.If you are lighting a single object, aim to place your fixture so that there is no distracting reflection.Focalink of Palo Alto aims to provide advertisers with demographic profiles of people who visit various Web sites.aim to do somethingThe company is aiming to address these problems by offering its own online training service.The following guides do not aim to be totally comprehensive.The research also aims to find out whether these practices vary with types of industry.Microsoft is aiming to have the initial releases of the new operating system available in the second half of 2001.I'm aiming to lose 10 pounds before July.Encourage anyone who wishes to help at mealtimes. Aim to make mealtimes and refreshment breaks social occasions.Fund managers aim to mix a cocktail of bonds that offer a return higher than the interest on a building society deposit.The élite squads work more intensively and aim to produce at least three prospective candidates in each weight division.The Oxford based Phoenix Prison Trust is aiming to recruit prisoners to meditation using classes and a book of basic techniques.aim at/forAn alternative form of ability grouping was to aim for as wide a range of ability as possible in each group.This is aimed at encouraging subscriptions from smaller towns and rural areas where there are no Internet service providers.The rebels claim they only aim at military targets.Additional police officers were put on the street to enforce an 8 p. m. curfew aimed at preventing looting.The Food and Drug Administration Tuesday announced a program aimed at providing consumers with better information about prescription drugs.Changes in the penalties for speeding are aimed at putting fear into the hearts of anyone considering edging over the limit.They use solar collectors and windmills for energy supply and each region aims at self-sufficiency in proteins.I aimed for that hoot in the grill.