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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackhandedback‧hand‧ed /ˌbækˈhændɪd◂ $ ˈbækhændɪd/ adjective  1 ADMIREa backhanded remark or compliment seems to express praise or admiration but in fact is insulting2 DSa backhanded shot is a backhand shot
Examples from the Corpus
backhandedThis backhanded compliment is, in fact, a tribute to the imagination and commitment of community educators.It is a backhanded note of dismissal, an explanation that is really an excuse.The first crisis was a backhanded present from Yeltsin himself.He was right in a backhanded sort of way.The data might be read as a backhanded success for the Thatcher government.Aristocratic criticism of royal rapacity was a backhanded tribute to that success.