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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbleachersbleach‧ers /ˈbliːtʃəz $ -ərz/ noun [plural] especially American English  DSlong wooden benches arranged in rows, where you sit to watch sport
Examples from the Corpus
bleachersMargarett did not mind Sandy pushing the furniture into rows or constructing bleachers from boards and pails.They sang songs and danced in the temporary bleachers.Across the bleachers, the Oregon band puts down its instruments and starts dancing in the aisles.We spent an hour each day in the cockpit and three or four hours in the bleachers watching our classmates.As we did, I looked out in the bleachers, which were totally empty.Karen sits in the bleachers watching the team go through the familiar drills.The first man the left-hander faced, pinch-hitter Eric Davis, homered into the bleachers in left.After practice I watch him walk painfully over to the bleachers, wrap up his knee and hobble out.