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Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: bloc, from Middle Dutch blok


1 noun
block1 S2 W2 [countable]

solid material

a piece of hard material such as wood or stone with straight sides


a) American English the distance along a city street from where one street crosses it to the next:
Head for 44th Street, a few blocks east of Sixth Avenue.
The church is down the block.
b) TTR the four city streets that form a square around an area of buildings:
Let's walk round the block.
She grew up playing with the other kids on the block.
c) Australian English a large piece of land:
a ten acre block near the city

large building

TBB a large building divided into separate parts
the school science block

quantity of things

a quantity of things of the same kind, considered as a single unit
block of
New employees receive a block of shares in the firm.
Set aside blocks of time for doing your homework.

block booking/voting

an arrangement that is made for a whole group to buy something or to vote together

inability to think

[usually singular] the temporary loss of your normal ability to think, learn, write etc:
I have a mental block whenever I try to remember my password.
After his second novel Garland had writer's block (=he could not write anything).

stopping movement

[usually singular] something that prevents movement or progress
block to
a major block to progress
roadblock, stumbling block


the block

SHSC in the past, a solid block of wood on which someone's head was cut off as a punishment

put your head/neck on the block

to risk destroying other people's opinion of you or losing your job by doing or saying something:
I'm not prepared to put my head on the block for him.


DS a movement in sport that stops an opponent going forward or playing the ball forward


go on the block

to be sold, especially at an auction:
$500 million worth of art will go on the block.
block capitals, tower block

; ➔ be a chip off the old block

at chip1 (7)

; ➔ I'll knock your block off

at knock1 (24)

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