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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaptaincycap‧tain‧cy /ˈkæptənsi/ noun (plural captaincies) [countable, uncountable]  DSthe position of being captain of a team, or the period during which someone is captain
Examples from the Corpus
captaincyPerhaps giving the opposition two-thirds of the likely overs erred on being generous but all credit to Felsted's enterprising captaincy.Morris returned from that trip fired with a new enthusiasm for captaincy.The fact that many another highly gifted player has not found captaincy easy tended to be overlooked.Morris's captaincy potential has been tacitly, but very publicly condemned by his own club.Midfield stylist McAllister will keep the captaincy tonight if Strachan is again left on the bench.It might be partly because I didn't kick up a fuss when I lost the captaincy.Bill Dodd's retirement saw Cyril Proby take over the captaincy and Plumb began the job of squad rebuilding.In 1952 he took over the captaincy from Michael Barton.