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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrosscross1 /krɒs $ krɒːs/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 go from one side to another [intransitive, transitive]CROSS to go or stretch from one side of something such as a road, river, room etc to the othercross to He crossed to the window.cross (over) the road/street/river etc It’s easy to have an accident just crossing the road. He was hit by a car when he tried to cross over the road near Euston station.cross the Atlantic/the Channel etc the first steamship to cross the Atlantic An old bridge crosses the river.cross over She crossed over to sit beside Dot.see thesaurus at travel2 cross a line etc [transitive]CROSS if you cross a line, track etc, you go over and beyond it He raised his arms in triumph as he crossed the line for his 100-metres win.3 two roads/lines etc [intransitive, transitive]CROSS if two or more roads, lines, etc cross, or if one crosses another, they go across each other The by-pass crosses Wilton Lane shortly after a roundabout.4 legs/arms/ankles [transitive]HBH if you cross your legs, arms, or ankles, you put one on top of the other She was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.5 cross somebody’s mind6 cross somebody’s face7 cross your fingers8 breed of plant/animal [transitive]HBMIX to mix two or more different breeds of animal or plant to form a new breedcrossbreed a flower produced by crossing several different varietiescross something with something These cattle were crossed with a breed from the highlands. 9 somebody’s paths cross10 cross that bridge when you come to it11 cross my heart (and hope to die)12 make somebody angry [transitive]ANNOY to make someone angry by opposing their plans or orders He hated anyone who crossed him.13 sport [intransitive, transitive]DS to kick, throw, or hit the ball across the playing area in a sport such as football, hockey etc14 cheque [transitive] British EnglishBFB to draw two lines across a cheque to show that it must be paid into the bank account of the person whose name is on it15 letters [intransitive] if two letters about the same subject cross in the post, each was sent before the other was received16 cross swords (with somebody)17 cross yourself18 cross somebody’s palm with silver dot the i’s and cross the t’s at dot2(4), → cross the Rubicon at Rubicon cross something ↔ off cross something ↔ out cross over→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
crossThere's a post office where Oakland Road crosses 32nd Street.I wouldn't cross her if I were you.Doris sat down and crossed her legs.Before you cross, make sure there are no other cars coming.They also began to cross over from the rhythm-and-blues audience to the mainstream pop audience.They cross roads diagonally, walk in front of parked cars and forget to look in more than one direction at junctions.They crossed the Atlantic in a convoy of fifty ships.This is the point where Washington's army crossed the Delaware River.Johnson crossed the finish line in first place.He plans to cross the Himalayas on foot.Military traffic has been crossing the new pontoon bridge since Dec. 31 at a rate up to 400 vehicles each day.How are we going to cross the river?It took a lot of courage to cross the Rocky Mountains in those days.But our correction had put us on course and we crossed the shoreline at Alexandria.Antonia went to cross the street to buy us some sodas.Look both ways before crossing the street.I had to reverse, climb up to retrieve the runner and cross the wall for a third time.As you accomplish tasks, cross them off your list.What crosses this border is information, in the form of chemicals.She had crossed this road before, deftly robbing Peter to slip a rubber cheque into Paul's back pocket.Some species of plants can be crossed very easily.cross (over) the road/street/river etcThe following day Arista ordered General Torrejon with 1,600 cavalry to cross the river.Dennison crossed the road and disappeared again.Marcelle entered his room seconds after she saw him cross the street from her window.We crossed the street, I felt sick.When I was hit by a drunk driver in 1980, crossing the road in Los Angeles.She crossed the street to get it.