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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrowncrown1 /kraʊn/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 crown.jpg hat for king/queen [countable] a) DCJa circle made of gold and decorated with jewels, worn by kings and queens on their heads b) PGOa circle, sometimes made of things such as leaves or flowers, worn by someone who has won a special honour2 the Crown3 tooth [countable]MH an artificial top for a damaged tooth4 head [usually singular]TOP the top part of a hat or someone’s headcrown of auburn hair piled high on the crown of her head a hat with a high crown5 hill [usually singular] the top of a hill or something shaped like a hillcrown of They drove to the crown of Zion hill and on into town. The masonry at the crown of the arch is paler than on either curve.6 sports [usually singular]DS the position you have if you have won an important sports competition Can she retain her Wimbledon crown? He went on to win the world crown in 2001. 7 money [countable] a) PECthe standard unit of money in some European countries Swedish crowns b) PECan old British coin. Four crowns made a pound.8 SIGN/SYMBOLpicture [countable] a mark, sign, badge etc in the shape of a crown, used especially to show rank or quality
Examples from the Corpus
crownShe opened it and took out several half crowns, silver threepenny pieces and some pennies.His black hat had an unusually high crown.Dense foggy mornings, frosty nights, a lucent crown of brilliant red and golden leaves on the distant ridge.A penalty kick gave McAteer High its first state soccer crown.How much is $100 worth in Swedish crowns?In November 1558 they appeared to offer even more, when parliament agreed that the dauphin should be given the crown matrimonial.The crown of St Wenceslas and the sacred coronation oils were carried to the High Altar from here too.The crown will pass directly to William.Unheralded Davie Allan has worn the unofficial crown as master of the fuzz guitar for nearly as long.world crownHe took the first five straight off, and went on to capture the world crown for the first time.In 1988 he emulated Fittipaldi and Piquet by lifting the world crown.He's sold his private jet; he's focussing on one job; winning the world crown.Now Wigan are being asked to defend their world crown in Brisbane next February.