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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdivotdiv‧ot /ˈdɪvət/ noun [countable]  DSa small piece of earth and grass that you dig out accidentally while playing a sport such as golf or polo
Examples from the Corpus
divotI actually found it hard to make myself make a divot at first - it just seemed wrong.Taking too much of a divot is called hitting a fat shot and results in a loss of distance.With a long broom handle, a kitchen fork fixed on its end, they spike away the loose, dry divots.His divot travelled half way to the green and had landed before Andy lifted his head.You have the divot in your left hand and the putter in your right.Right Inset: The divots of St Andrews are filled by a team of old age pensioners.I replaced the divot and went chasing after him.