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dribbledribble2 noun  1 [uncountable]LIQUID a small amount of liquid that has come out of your mouth He wiped the dribble from his chin.2 a dribble of something3 [countable]DS the act of moving the ball along with you by short kicks, bounces or hits in a game of football, basketball etc
Examples from the Corpus
dribbleI watch the horrible dream drive away and disappear in a dribble of tail-lights.I lean back in my chair and dab at dribbles of juice with a linen napkin.Now I can see every pass, every dribble and every goal.Fans loved his skill, he was regarded as the wizard of dribble.The oil spill sent dribbles of tar onto beaches in New Jersey.Veal is a streaky shooter who will need to develop more skills off the dribble and possibly convert to the point.The third dribble, left-handed, at 3. 2, is a few feet from halfcourt.